*Starter Locs

-Hair must be atleast 4inches long, Starter locs can either be comb/finger coiled or two strand twist(two strand twist would come back in a month to be palm rolled into a loc formation)


*Loc Retwist

-Locs will be washed and deep cleansed (optional) then retwisted with natural hair product



*****If locs are starters,  when you come for retwist they will not be washed for the first 6 months due to locking process.  Starters are only washed the first time they are done.******




*Knotless Box Braids

-More of a natural box braid look that doesnt have the hard knot at the top of braid.  This style looks as if the braid is growing from your scalp.  Style comes in sizes small, medium and large


*Stitch/Feedin Braids

-Very neat formated braid that looks stitched to the scalp (normally while getting these braids, clients have no more then 10 braids)


*Classic Box Braids

-A traditional box braid that has knot at the scalp of the braid


*Faux Loc/ Bohemian Loc/ Distressed Loc

-Double process of braiding and wrapping locking hair tomake hair seem as if its a dread loc with curly ends, natural ends or distressed ends




*****We also offer Manbun braids, full head cornrows for men, and undercuts with braids on the top.  Prices do differ depending on which style is requested******




*Quick Weave

-Tracks simply glues to a cap and styled per clients request


*Traditional Sew-in

-hair is braided down, minimum leave out, Weft sewn onto braids and styled per client request


*Sew-in w Closure

-Traditional sew-in with a closure piece in front so there will be NO leaveout

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